Membership is open to Ugandan female persons who hold a judicial post as well as individuals who are admitted to membership following requirements laid down in the Constitution.

The following  judicial officers are eligible to membership on payment of subscription fees.

Justice of the Supreme Court
Justice of the Court of Appeal

Judge of the High Court

Chief Magistrate
Magistrate Grade I

Associate member

Any person  in support of the mission aims and objectives of the IAWJ-U may be admitted as an Associate Member.

  1. To be admitted under this provision, the person shall apply to the Executive Committee for consideration, and the decision shall be made by a simple majority of members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting.

Honorary membership

  1. Any  person or organization in  recognition of  outstanding  contribution  to  the  administration  of  justice may be recognised as an honorary member.  This admission shall be initiated by nomination from members referred to in Article 3.
  2. Any  member  of  IAWJ-U,  who  upon  retirement  from  service  as  a judicial  officer,  has  been  a  member  of the  IAWJ-U  in  good  standing  or  who  upon  retirement   applies  to  the Executive for  membership  shall  be  admitted  as  an  Honorary  Member  of  the  IAWJ-U,  Uganda.

Life member

a) Life membership is conferred upon all founder members  who  were  present  at  the  inaugural  meeting  of the association.
b) Any member of IAWJ-U may attain life membership upon payment of a fee to be decided upon by the executive.